Sogno Veneziano Atelier

I would like to tell you a Dream… This can seems a dream…. but it’s the story of my life….. To be born in Venice is a privilege, but it’s a big luck to have a father in love with arts and a mother seamstress.. I’ve breathed all of this since i was a child, among the “calli” and the Venetian Palaces, and it has been the most natural thing to transform it into my work. The mesmerizing charm of Venetian Masks and Historical Costumes is the same in times. The pleasure of disguising game attracts every year countless people and hide oneself behind a mask is an irresistible attraction. A Masked Ball can be the dream of an entire life. But what’s the work behind all of this? Finished my languages studies i began as employee by whom thaught me a lot, leaving me free to experiment with my first masks and costumes.. Over the years i developed my techniques and my own style. Masks have to be worn like sparkling jewels to enhance the glamourous spirit of Carnival, and the costumes, even if following the original style of their centuries, have to shine on their own light with gold, silver, cristals to make the game even more magical. I have named my Atelier “Sogno Veneziano” because to come to our city is everyone’s dream, and live the misterious atmosphere of Venice is a unique experience. I like to think the best is yet to come!! Inside the Atelier you’ll find a rich and always renewed collection of Costumes and Masks. You only find one of kind pieces, that has been created respecting the tradition of handwork. Every creation has my personal touch and style to let you get something that has been completely made in Venice in my Atelier Sogno Veneziano. Could exist a better reason to buy a unique piece?

Cannaregio Calle delle Erbe 6423/a 30121 Venezia (VE)
+39 041 2413252,  +39 3406896502
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  • Carnival in Love Grand Ball

    [ 10 February 2018 20:00 to 11 February 2018 03:00. ] For the fourth edition of Carnival in Love Grand Ball we enter a new dimension…
    No more Grand Canal but a wonderful Palace representing me and all my guest dreams.
    In the glamourous location of Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro you’ll live a magical Carnival Night.
    Delicious dinner and international shows will be the perfect frame for […]

  • CARNIVAL IN LOVE GRAND BALL “Labyrinth of Sins”

    [ 25 February 2017 20:00 to 26 February 2017 03:00. ]

    Palazzo Benzon, eighteenth-century residence overlooking the Grand Canal, is the prestigious venue of Carnival in Love Grand Ball, the sophisticated costume party which will take place on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Beginning and dinner from 08:00 pm; after dinner party from 11:00 pm to all night long.

    The event is produced by Sogno Veneziano Atelier, specializing […]

  • Casanova Cocktail Party

    [ 8 February 2018 18:00 to 9 February 2018 02:00. ] On February the 8th 2018 the Iron Door of Palazzo Contarini Della Porta di Ferro will open for you !
    This gothic Location will host Casanova Cocktail Party !
    We will asthonish and involve you with amazing and awesome exibitions.
    Do you whant to learn Minuetto dance or do you prefere to be mesmerized by our international artists […]

  • Courtesan Dream

    [ 3 February 2018 20:00 to 4 February 2018 02:00. ] Courtesans were refined, educated, intelligent, free women who lived privileges denied to all the other ones….
    They could speak with Diplomats, Royals, Ambassadors when all the others had to be silent…
    Join us in this Special Night,
    enter Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro , enjoy a gourmet dinner, attend our Shows in the spirit of the most […]