Luigi Masin

When I first met Luigi Masin in his studio in Este I immediately perceived his sound, refined personality, trusting in the acknowledgement of his work which is marked by a large, heterogeneous production: from the original technique of oil-painting on “sackcloth” (jute) to bronze sculptures, jewels and silk-screen process. His art moves inside the borders of tradition, and yet it looks for a formal renewal as close to his character as possible. An elegant colourway blended with poignant elements, which arise from his need to convey feelings through a much peculiar visual language, a design clearness together with a melodious chromatic harmony are the leading features of his art, hovering between dreams and reality. Masin’s art is the constant result of a strong spirituality, of an instinct which is aimed at  a large story-telling, and this disposition can be also seen in the language of his sculptures, waving bodies which get their core and poetical force from their relationship with nature. This balance between natural elements and spiritual strength is the reason why I presented some of Masin’s works for a second time at OPEN. Masin moulds the vital elements he finds in his environment and affects us through his narrative which gives  this primigenial experience new vigour and freedom.