Campo Santa Margherita (St. Margherita Square)

[historic image of campo Santa Margherita]This square is one of the most characteristic of the city hosting the main fish and herb markets. Formerly in the Fondamenta della Scoazzera, there was a hospice here for the poor founded by Maddalena Scrovegni, a rich and noble lady from a Paduan family. Her grandfather founded the church of Santa Maria dell’Arena in Padua. By decree of the Pregadi the two wells in the square were built in 1529.

The square was reduced to its present-day form in the year 800 when many rivers which had flowed together through the square were filled in. The name of the square comes from the church of Santa Margherita erected by Geniano Busignaco or Busignaso and was formally consecrated in 853 by Pietro Tradonico who was elected Doge in the year 836.

In the center of the square stands a single building built in 1725 used as the headquarters of the school of the Varoteri (tanners and fur-makers).