[Image of Gnaga]This was a very simple form of dress and thus was very popular with the Venetians. Young Venetians would dress up as women imitating their ways but using much more vulgar speech.

Chronicles of the day reveal that many young Venetians dressed in this way to hide their homosexuality. They recount how they would dress up and travel around various squares, hostelries, parties and balls, often practicing sodomy, a vice for which they were eyed carefully especially by the Turks.

Was usual to said: "you have a voice like a gnaga" for tell about a strange voice usage.

On 4th May 1740, on the occasion of a Regatta held in honor of Federick, elected prince of Sassony, a gnaga is the chief protagonist. He is said to have poked fun at the Turks from his boat whose faces were up against the windows of their warehouse.

Thus angered, they at first reacted with just words, but then seeing the gnaga was insistent, took the tiles off the roof and threw them at the gnaga.

Often the gnaghe pretended to be nannies and thus were accompanied by children or men dressed as boys and girls.