Massimo Andreoli

Photo of Massimo AndreoliSince 1997 Massimo Andreoli is the President of "Consorzio Europeo Rievocazioni Storiche" (Union of European Historical Companies) and "Guardian Grando" of "Serenissimo Tribunal de l’Inquisithion di Venezia".
Since 2003 he is the President of "Veneto Storico" – Associazione delle Rievocazioni Storiche del Veneto (Veneto historical Recall) and since 2004 is Vice-President of the association "Venezia &Venice) born so as to protect and developpe the cultural and economical aspect in Rialto area in Venice.
He is an historical consultant in a different museums and public office both in Italy and abroad.
Moreover he collaborated to documentary television productions.
In 2004 he receveid the Laurea Honoris Causa in "Entertaiment Science" from Costantinian University of Cranston, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

1. You are one of the protagonist of the Venice Carnival. When did this passion begin?
About 24 years ago. I was very young and I entered the Compagnia de Calza I Antichi (the real one, Paolo Zancope’s one, unfortunately nowadays it remains a substitute only) and I began loving this event because it represents the true Venetian look.

2. Which historical groups take actively part to the Venice Carnival?
There are a lot of historical hereby groups that adhere to the C.E.R.S. or to the newborn Veneto Storico (the association that in behalf of Regione Veneto, works to promote the development of the recalling fields in the Veneto area) they come both from the whole Italy and from abroad.
I can cite those groups coming farther and for then such as the German Adictum (the cleverest one in Europe) and the Swiss Les Pieds gauches , which are specialized in lake Medieval dances)

3. Which other events do you organize in the Venice Carnival?
This year C.E.R.S. Italia created, together with two other active Venetian association (Rialto Futura and Venezia Futura) an association called "Venezia & Venice". This association would like to emphasize Rialto area both economically and culturally. Every night it will organize shows and parties and animations, following the authentic Venetian tradition in Campo de l’Herbaria (near Rialto Bridge). All the events will be represented inside a special transparent marquee so as to show the lights and the amusement of the Venice Carnival on the Canal Grande.

4. Which Carnival event gave you the greatest satisfaction?
The one, thought in the Future, because the city needs to wear masks and costumes again, such as 20 years ago when the city was overwhelmed by humane sounds and colours. That is to say that no other city in the world can offer a similar event.

5. Shall we see some fight this year?
In the San Marco Square people will see fights with cold steel on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 (January). I’m really wormed about other fights, in April, when will be the run of a lot of pretenders to be elected the new Mayor of the Venice… If is true that a pen hurts more than a sword…

6. What will be you change in the Carnival programmes?
The psychological dependency towards Musical and Theatre Foundations and organizations that leads our Carnival to shame itself in showing everywhere its real and popular face. This is what I’d like to change. But it’s true this year they are trying to give dignity to the most traditional aspects (The Masks Parade). I dare say it isn’t enough. Carnival must became again the lively creature that when "it because dark" moves in an unforeseeable and unexpected way between calli and campielli to express and enjoy itself whereas you can’t expect….